Product : Yuchai Diesel Generator Sets

Type : GF/GFS

Output : 30 - 250KW

Voltage : 400/230V

Speed : 1500/1800RPM

Frequency : 50/60HZ


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KLIN-YUCHAI generator set selects YC2108/YC4108/YC6105/YC6108/YC6M/YC6T series engine of Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd. It also includes alternator, base frame, connecting flange, fuel tank, and control system,etc..
1.      YUCHAI engine
Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in Yulin City China. It was established in 1951. The enterprise goal of Yuchai is “providing excellent and advanced power products to meet public demand”. Its engine characteristics as below:
1). It has big horse power, great torque, high reliability, low oil consumption, low emissions, low noise, less vibration, which are suitalbe for long term usage
2). Fuel and lubrication consumption less than other engines in China
3). Exhaust emission less than the domestic standards
4). Easy maintenance and convenient service network.
Engine can be coupled with WT series A.C.synchronous brushless alternator( new-style designed by ourselves,with update international technology). It can also be matched with STAMFORD,LEORY SOMER, MARATHON alternator according to customers’ demand.
Gensets can be open type or soundproof (silent) type.
Gensets’ electric performance
Power coverage from 30kw~1200kw 
Model: GF: Open type &GFS: Soundproof /Silent/Supper silent type 
Engine: YUCHAI
Speed: 1500/1800rpm
Alternator: Stamford /Leroysomer /Marathon/ABB/ 
IP &Insulation Class: IP22-23 &F/H
Frequency: 50/60HZ 
Controller: Deepsea/Comap/Smartgen/DKG/Others 
ATS  System: Smartgen/ABB/SOCOMIC /Others 
Silent&Supper silent  Gen-set Sound level: 63-75db(at 7m side) 


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