Product : Gasoline generator

Type : GG3500

Output : 2.5KW

Voltage : 220V

Speed : 3000/3600RPM

Frequency : 50/60HZ

  • Features
  • Specs

1. The efficient combusion assured by OHV 4-stroke engine technology delivers solid,dependable power while using nearly 30% less fuel than comparable side-valve engines.


2. Large fuel tank ensures hours of continuous running.


3. Automatic mechnical decompression and transistorized pointless ignition make recoil starting an easy pull away.Convenient electric starting is also available for selected models.


4. Oil alert system guards against engine damage by stopping the engine automatically if the oil level drops too low a simple way to avoid costly repairs. 


5. Large capacity muffers minimize engine noise to make these generators ideal for use anywhere a quite source of electrical power is needed.


6. Easy to use circuit breakers cut the power in event of electrical overload while leaving the main power switch on.

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